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Common topics covered in lessons:

Hazard Scanning

Driving Straight
Stopping Position
Cornering Position
Left and Right turns
Shoulder Checks
Speed control
30 Zones
Highways, Merging and Yielding
Lane Changes
2 and 4 way stops

Traffic Controlled Intersections
Parallel Parking
Reverse Stall Parking
2 and 3 point turns
Reversing Straight
Hill Parking
Curb Parking
U-Turns and Roundabouts

What's the difference between simple instructing and coaching? With coaching, student drivers are encouraged to think for themselves. They don’t get constant instruction on when it’s safe to go, always reminding to check their mirrors etc... Our proven methods teach students to adopt decision-making responsibility from the get-go. If students learn to depend on a steady stream of instruction, they will be unprepared to make their own decisions when beginning to drive without a co-driver watching over them.

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